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  • ^Santelmo, V: The Official 20th Anniversary Salute to GI Joe, page 21. Krause Publications, 1994. ^ Michlig, John. "GI Joe's First Battle". Collecting Toys Vol 3 No 2, Apr 1995, pp 44 ...
  • Military & Gi Joe & Arms Dealer & Super Soldier & Invisibility. more. Awards: 1 nomination more. NewsDesk: (543 articles) Razzie Award Nominations Announced!
  • Summaries added for IDW's GI Joe Main Series #13, Origins #10, Snake Eyes #3 & GI Joe vs Cobra #2 More here. December 30: IDW March Comic Solicitations . IDW's GI Joe Main Series #16 ...
  • For 25 years, GI JOE Real American Hero has battled the evil forces of COBRA. Led by Cobra Commander, the Cobra organization will stop at nothing to take over the world. G.I. Joe ...