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  • The porgy is an Atlantic fish found from New England through Florida and the Bahamas. There are 2 primary species known as thescup and the jolthead. The jolthead porgy is found ...
  • Find fishing information on porgy, as well many other species of fish on Long Island.
  • This article is about the novel and play. For the fish, see Sparidae. ... George Gershwin for an operatic version of his novel, which debuted in 1935 as Porgy and ...
  • Porgy Fishing - 2003 Gardiners Island Porgies ... Our guest Captain Joel Lizza of the Sea Otter Fleet was fixed on the fishfinder as we passed from one potential porgy spot ...
    http://www.neangling.com/2003 Shows/GardinersPorgies.htm
  • Common Porgy; Sheepshead; Grass Porgy; Jolted Porgy; Knobbed Porgy; Pin Fish; Red Porgy; Sauce Rye; Seabream; Silver Porgy; Spot Tail Pin Fish; White Bone Porgy Reef Fish: