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  • Stream retting is similar to pool retting, but the flax is submerged in bundles in a stream or river. This generally takes longer than pond retting, normally by two or three weeks ...
  • Retting flax. There are several methods of retting flax. It can be retted in a pond, stream, field or a tank. When the retting is complete the bundles of flax feel soft and slimy ...
  • If retting flax at home, it can be laid out in a children's wading pool. The flax has to be weighted down as it will float in water. After about 2 days, empty the water and refill
  • Full Title Author Date ; Blacks and Whites : Flax &&&& On the possibilities of growing oil flax in Finland; on the quality of Finnish linseed oil and some factors affecting it.
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  • By using natural resource as the geothermal water for retting of flax the linen quality can be maximised and made consistent, meeting the requirements of industries and markets in ...