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  • When peak flow is being monitored regularly, the results may be recorded on a peak flow chart. It is important to use the same peak flow meter every time.
  • GREEN ZONE 80% to 100% of peak score You are fine. Take your daily medicine and enjoy your day! YELLOW ZONE 50% to 80% of peak score You may be in danger.
    http://www.schalleranderson.com/AllPlanDM/PDF/Asthma Education/Adult Peak Flow Meter Chart.pdf
  • The change in scale for peak flow meters will result in PEF readings that are different ... Download the Adult Normal Values chart: Filesize: 52 Kb
  • Peak Flow Meters Charts and Their Importance. Peak Flow Meters Overview . A Peak Flow Meter is a measurement device used by asthmatics to get accurate and fast readings ...
  • PRINT OUT YOUR OWN PERSONAL PEAK FLOW CHART The Peak Flow Meter Peak Flow Meter is an important device to help control your asthma! The Peak Flow Meter is used to determine your ...