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  • Wound Care Treatment; Prognosis; Prevention; Synonyms and Keywords; Authors and Editors; Wound Care Introduction. A wound is a break in the skin (the outer layer of skin is called the epidermis).
  • Haemostasis; Wound cleansing and Irrigation; Conservative debridement; Local anaesthetics; Wound closure - Choice of suture material; Wound closure - Suturing techniques
  • Open Wound Treatment - Get the lowest prices on wound treatment products online at AllegroMedical, the best place for wound treatment care supplies.
  • Wound care dressing is an advance in wound product technology that offers treatment of diabetic ulcer, bed sores, infected wounds and decubitus ulcer care as well as burns and ...
  • At the Wound Healing Center we provide specialized care for complex wounds which are often difficult to treat and require the attention of skilled professionals.