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  • Out of 3 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide this is only 6.7%. In the countries where 3G was launched first - Japan and South Korea - 3G penetration is over 70%. [11]
  • 3G latest deals on 3G mobile phones and 3G mobile broadband. Plus 3G news, 3G mobile phone reviews and 3G forum. Buy direct from 3G.co.uk.
  • 3G Phone. 3G phone networks are rolling out across the world, and Australian s have been able to experience the improved network capability of a 3G phone for years.
  • Compare a list of mobile phones that support the 3G Mobile Network. The best 3G brands including Telstra, Nokia, Sony Ericsson & Samsung.
  • 3G Mobile Phones. Hello, I'm Andrew. Everyone knows how fast technology is moving. It can be difficult to keep up with it all. 3G mobile phones are set to change the standards of ...