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  • Here they are: The Best Anti Spyware Tools of 2010! There are some old friends here, but a couple of new players have joined the fray and set a new standard in the War on Malware.
  • Microsoft's beta release last week of "AntiSpyware" prompts us to reconsider our favorite free files in this category.
  • Some may also prevent anti-malware programs from running, disable automatic system software ... Howes, Eric L (2007-05-04), Spyware Warrior: Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products ...
  • Anti-spyware programs often report Web advertisers' HTTP cookies, the small text files that track browsing activity, as spyware. While they are not always inherently malicious ...
  • Anti-Spyware contains the list of all known legitimate anti-spyware programs that can effectively detect and remove spyware, adware threats and other kinds of computer parasites ...