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  • Your source for quotations from famous people and literature. Search or browse over 22,000 quotations from thousands of authors. Includes the popular Quotes of the Day ...
  • Including over 11,000 quotations, the first new edition of John Bartlett's corpus to be published after his death in 1905 keeps most of his original work intact
  • Quotations at Bartleby.com: 87,000 quotes for all occasions ... Bartleby.com combines the best of both contemporary and classic quotations collections into a searchable database of ...
  • The quotations here only include those in Michael Moncur's collection, Laura Moncur's Motivational Quotes, and the Classic Quotes collection. Some quotations have not yet been ...
  • ... parts of artistic works: elements of a painting, scenes from a movie or sections from a musical composition. The rest of this article addresses only written or oral quotations.