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  • The Essure procedure is a sterilization procedure for women that is performed by an Essure trained doctor. Unlike tubal ligation and vasectomy, there are no incisions. Instead ...
  • Trusted by hundreds of thousands of women and their doctors for over five years, Essure is a permanent birth control procedure that works with your body to create a natural barrier ...
  • Unlike many temporary methods of birth control, the Essure micro-inserts do not contain or release hormones. The micro-inserts are made from polyester fibers, nickel-titanium and ...
  • Essure offers women whose families are complete a proven and permanent birth control option that doesn't require incisions, hormones, or slowing down to recover.
  • Essure is a permanent method of contraception that provides an alternative to tubal ligation. Learn about the benefits and side effects associated with the Essure system.