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  • How Paintball Works. by Tom Harris ... paintball apart from other sports is the equipment involved: You don't find guns and ...
  • This motion does two things: As the bolt slides back ... In autococker paintball guns, an adjustable valve automatically ... How Flintlock Guns Work
  • How does a Paintball gun work? All paintball guns use air pressure from an air tank to fire a paintball. The speed or velocity of the paintball leaving the barrel is usually 250 ...
    http://www.scio.k12.or.us/shs/activities/paintball intro/how_does_a_paintball_gun_work.htm
  • How Nail Guns Work; How Paintball Guns Work; How Super Soakers Work; How Rocket-Propelled Grenades Work. See also: How Does A Gun Silencer Work? How Does "bulletproof" Glass Work?
  • Best Answer: An electronic gun will not be able to fire if the battery dies. When you pull the trigger on an electronic marker, there are no physical contact between the trigger and the ...