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  • Bunny Hero Labs create your own vp that can be reached from a bookmark or web page. .... Virtual Pet Cemetery virtual place to remember your REAL pets ...
  • Many people are now in awe with the fad of raising and showing off virtual pets which originally started out with the advent of toys such as the Tamogachi and Giga-Pets.
  • Adopt your own virtual pet and put it on your profile. Feed and play with your new pet. ... Feed it, play with it, make it happy and it will make you happy! ...
  • You've likely heard about virtual pets to an extent, but why should you adopt one? What can you do with your pet once you create it? Where's the best place to adopt from? This ...
  • Create a pet and take care of it online. Your new virtual pet will be yours forever. ... Create your own virtual pet and explore our virtual world.